"It's all about special effects"

SPFX gun/pyrotechnic services


Special ammunition. Our blank ammunition is manufactured for all calibers and can be ordered by individuals providing an valid license for the caliber. Special old calibers can be manufacured on request.

Movie guns

We specialize in guns. We have access to what you need. If not we will build, buy it or use a subcontractor. Either propane / oxygen or regular guns (blankfiring). For your production we deliver what you need when you need it.


We dont do small, we do big. War movies, battlefield live shows, fire and smoke effects. We use a combination of pyrotechnics and commercial explosives. We are certified to use both by Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

Vehicles & Props

Do you need a new reinforced camera car, bike, armored car or perhaps a stug? Why not a Tiger tank? We will help you with a full size drivable replica or with a scale model and at a fast production rate. Advice when it comes to technical solutions is completely free


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Special Weapons Group

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